Press Play Shop Direct and Press Play Shop +20 Days

With Press Play Shop Direct products they will be shipped in the next working day.
1-2 days delivery from the day of fulfilling within Ireland.
3-5 days delivery from the day of fulfilling to the UK.
7-14 days delivery from the day of fulfilling to EU countries.
14-21 days delivery from the day of fulfilling outside EU countries. 
The above values are estimates and variances might occur depending on the country, type of order, quantity and other.





When you choose Press Play Shop +20 Days
At Press Play Shop, we've partnered with leading manufacturers and designers from across the world to source only the best and trendiest high-quality products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Because of our commitment to only partnering with trusted, award-winning manufacturers across the globe, our products are being shipped from regions such as Europe, China, America, Indonesia, etc.

Because your items are often in very high demand and are coming from distant locations, they usually take 20 to 30 days. Sometimes your product(s) will arrive a lot sooner but please don't worry if they haven't come by the next day or even the following week. This is beyond our control but 100% normal.

To speed up delivery time, we often send items in multiple packages (for those with various products in their carts), so don't worry if you're missing items that you also purchased on our site. The additional items will come in more packages.